World Naked Bike Ride Brighton (WNBR) 2013 - A Rider's View

This collection of over 300 clips gives a rider's eye view of the World Naked Bike Ride in Brighton UK on 9th June 2013. We had a great ride with a big crowd in good weather this year. I particularly enjoyed the hen party and posing for the wedding photographs en route.

The video has been extensively edited to avoid displaying explicitly any inappropriate body parts, but you will get the impression that there were a lot of naked bike riders. Do not watch if you find the sight of human beings offends you. And I apologise for the harsh cuts and missing clips where I haven't been able to include them in order to create a video suitable for a general audience.

WNBR is a world-wide campaign, with a number of linked themes. Its objectives are:
- Protest against the global dependency on oil
- Curb car culture
- Obtain real rights for cyclists
- Demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
- Celebrate body freedom

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