Tadashi Kawamata:
"Kawamata Arrangement"
Wed, 19.02.2014, 5.00 p.m.
MAK Columned Main Hall

Lecture in the context of Reinstallation of the MAK Permanent Collection ASIA. China-Japan-Korea.

Q&A with Tadashi Kawamata and Johannes Wieninger

Kawamata's ideas for the MAK Collection are based in concept on permanent change and the play of light and shade. Two large, scaffold-like showcase blocks will house the exhibits from the collection, enabling diverse viewpoints based on this shared "narrative through objects". Kawamata will "envelop and embrace" the collection with his installation. Although seemingly chaotic at first glance and placed in confrontation to the collection objects, the contrast is only superficial. Tadashi Kawamata places the artworks in a context that keeps things moving, whether the act of observation or the observers themselves, for he says: "My projects are never finished; it seems quite natural to me that something is never finished."


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