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The title is one verse of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poetry.. The documentary will be dedicated to last four years of Percy Bysshe Shelley's life (english poet 1792-1822), spent in italy (1818-1822), particularly in Tuscany, where he died drowned during a sudden storm, while he was sailing with his schooner the "Ariel" to the gulf of Lerici from Leighorn, where his friends Lord Byron and Leigh Hunt stayed.

Just three years have been passing since french revolution, when Shelley was born, a period of huge changes in Europe. He grows up in the romantic period, but he still remains an unconventional poet for his contemporaries who often criticize, even censure his poetry and philosophical works. He composes many philosophical and political satyrical works to attack the hypocrisy and impiety of political and religious power, that he judges responsible of moral slavery, wars and misery of his time.

Shelley leaves England for Italy in 1818 (his doctors suggest Italy for his health condition, but there are many others reasons for him to leave England), with his following, the wife Mary Shelley (née Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin), two sons, the sister-in-law Jane (Claire Clairmont) and her daughter Allegra from Lord Byron. Allegra will die at fifth for typhus fever at the convent of Bagnocavallo (Romagna-Italy), and it was one of many sorrows that Mary and Percy Shelley will be enduring. Two of the three children (Clara and William) of Mary and Percy will be dying in Italy for illness. These are hard times for the children, but undoubtedly, the shelley's children are constantly stressed by their moving from town to town.

Many poets he knew, one of them, Lord Byron, will have a very special place in his life. But he will praise Keats too (after his dead in 1821) for whom he dedicated a poem, Adonais.

The documentary is particularly focused on some lyrics and poems of Shelley (Alastor, Prometheus, Mont Blanc and so on), that seem to be a refuge to the cruelty of his life (pain and illness), and inconsistency of human been that he considers unworthy and without any ideal. This is exactly the dimension (the poetic dimension) of his work and life that it is interesting for me to investigate. I decided to represent it through animations (2D and lower 3D), because I think it's the better way to exalt the dreamy, fantastic or terrific atmosphere of his poetry.

This dreamy and poetic dimension will constantly overlap the chronicles of his life, the places where he lived, letters, epistolaries to his love Mary Shelley (become famous for the novel "Frankestein or the modern Prometheus"") and the friends, as fresh record of life.

The water, for Shelley, has always been the fatal attraction. So the Film, will start on the shore where his body was found and will end with magical return to ocean, where his soul still rest in peace.

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