Vom 15. Februar bis 13. Juli zeigt das Museum eine ortsspezifische Ausstellung des amerikanischen Künstlers Oscar Tuazon.

Tuazon (*1975 in Seattle) interessiert sich für Entstehungsprozesse und Lebensformen: Kollektive körperliche Arbeit und die damit verbundenen Anstrengungen sind Teil seines Werks und finden ihren Ausdruck in Skulpturen, Texten, Fotografien und Architekturen. Gleichermaßen ist Tuazons Werk durch die Auseinandersetzung mit der Kunstgeschichte geprägt. Seine Arbeiten bringen Ideen der Land Art mit der Minimal Art in Berührung und geben dem Diskurs um Raum, Material und Arbeit in der zeitgenössischen Kunst durch inhaltliche Verknüpfungen mit Carl Andre, Bruce Nauman, Robert Smithson oder Gordon Matta-Clark eine neue Wendung. Das ortsspezifische Projekt im Museum Ludwig erstreckt sich über zwei Etagen des großen Treppenhauses, wo dem Besucher architektonische Versatzstücke eines Privathauses begegnen.

From February 15-July13, 104, the Museum Ludwog is showing a site-specific project by Oscar Tuazon . Tuazon (*1975 in Seattle) works in outdoor and interior space. His constructions extending out into three dimensions can break the bounds of a building or create new spaces, both visible and invisible. He articulates his great interest in physical labor and the genesis of an artwork through his pieces, which operate in the area between sculpture and architecture, as well as through his choice of materials, which above all include wood, metal, concrete and stone.
The forms he gives his works bring the ideas of Land Art together with Minimal Art and thus link a certain notion of abstraction with the actual construction, which is shaped by extreme physical demands and ever different spatial considerations. Tuazon often takes active part in the making of his pieces, working on site at highly diverse locations alongside laborers and specialists. This collective effort and communication adds a performative dimension to his work.
At the Museum Ludwig he has realized a unique piece on the wide open spaces of the staircase and with that posit a counter-argument to the existing architecture. The exhibition extends over two stories, with standard repertoire elements from the architecture of a small house strewn about the entire space occupied by the staircase in the museum.

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