A bit of an experimental project in order to use ML RAW.
Experimental because it was my first time using ML RAW on an unplanned 2/3hr shoot that was filmed on one of the hottest days of last summer, so it could have all gone really pear shaped.
Short recording times (13 & 9 secs bursts) made filming the chorus parts tricky, but were more than adequate for the rest.

Filmed using ML RAW on a Canon 60D.
Aspect Ratios used:
5:3 1280x768 23.976fps 13secs - for Anamorphic lens, Iscorama 54 + Helios 44-2 (majority).
2.39:1 1728x724 23.976fps 9secs - for Spherical lens, Helios 44-2 (memory sequences).

Raw Photo Processor 64 used to convert DNG files to TIFF & QT7 to create ProRess HQ .mov files.
Edited & Graded in FCPX

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