Suparno, the old fisherman who are still actively catching of fish using the Branjang in Rawa Pening lake, Central Java, Indonesia. Branjang is an installation for catching fish, which is typical of the Rawa Pening area. Presently, at his age, Suparno is the oldest among other fisherman in the area. Every day he is looking for fish to help adding of the family income. Because of the natural environment have changed and there are more Branjangs than before, the number of fishes are decreasing and are more difficult to catch. The outcome from catching fish are much different between then and now. This makes Suparno restless, with the sustainability of Rawa Pening lake as a source of life for the fisherman in this lake.

Director : Oki Adrinputra
Producer : Erlangga E. Laksmana, Rona F. Djoe
Music : El Reva, Oki Eras

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