2014 promises to be what economists are starting to call the Great Rebalancing. Just what does that mean? Where will interest rates go? What kind of M&A activity can we expect? What industries will be hot and what kind of portfolios will private equity groups try to create? And most important, where should I put my money?

A distinguished panel of economists drawn from the academic and business worlds will discuss and quite likely debate these and other all-important questions that affect all of us every day. Whether you are a top investor, business owner thinking about selling your company, advisor, or support professional, this session will provide answers that will directly affect your pocketbook and outlook over the coming year.

PANEL: CLICK for Biographies
Moderator, Victor Danett, Managing Director, HT Capital Advisors, LLC
Joshua Horowitz, Managing Director, Palm Ventures
Bernard Schoenfeld,Vice President, Senior Investment Strategist,
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
John Traynor, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer,
People's United Bank
Mark Weinstock, Professor, Economics Department,
Pace University, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences
Max Wolff, Chief Economist and Strategist, ZT Wealth

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