Story and updates on two of the hedgehogs admitted recently at Willows Hedgehog Rescue.

Myrrh a 300 gram juvenile admitted with a severe laceration and large area of soft tissue/spine loss to the head and if that wasn't enough a back leg severed off at the joint. He came in as a road traffic accident & it is possible he was dragged against a curb by a vehicle. After a week with us he also tested positive for lungworm, so triple trouble for little Myrrh.

Little Bead a 600gram hedgehog with a nasty laceration and puncture wound to the side. All of the soft tissu has been torn back on the one front side and under the soft tissue 'flap' there was discovered a deep puncture wound which has had to have two stiches.

This video tells their stories and also updates on their progress todate.

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