This is the first version of a treatment for an approximately 40 minute movie entitled, "The Blue Lady." I have not decided how to cast this movie. I like the convention of every character wearing makeup and if it is possible to blind cast the movie, that would be fantastic. Each scene of this movie, which happens over the course of late afternoon into the middle of the night, will be naturally lit with candles and oil lamps. The sets, which are likely to be built by my husband and myself in our one-bedroom apartment, will be simple interiors with minimal furniture that is as close to period (1830 on a very small, badly run South Carolina plantation). The scenes will be heavily shadowed, similar to the interiors by 18th century Northern European painters.

This treatment will be the only permanent version of The Blue Lady on the Web.

The Blue Lady is a story is about what happened the night Master died and the relationship between two slaves in 1830 South Carolina, LaLi, Elizabeth, and The Master's wife, their mistress, Missy.

This is a revisionist tale about slavery from a female point of view about how three people with a blood connection - The Master, The Master's & LaLi's mulatto son, and Blue, the mother of their grandchildren - wound up dead in the space of a night. At least one of the dead, Blue, was murdered. The Blue Lady finally is the story of how guilt was assigned that night without anyone taking responsibility.

Many thanks to my mentor/reader, Dr. Paul Olson of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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