Wild Bike Tours offers travellers more than what you see on the brochure. There’s an experience that simply cannot be summed up in a picture or two. Yes, the scenery is jaw-dropping amazing! However, you can’t capture the fresh smell of eucalypt and peppermint trees after an overnight rainfall. Or the calm sea-breeze across your face as you ride along a 3km stretch of isolated beach. And you certainly cannot appreciate the scope of a 360° view of the entire south of Tasmania, whilst sitting atop 1,260 metres of volcanic mountain with barely a soul in sight!

Wild Bike Tours will take you and your friends deep into the remote wilderness of southern Tasmania for a full day adventure ride. Or, if you’re short on time, an exhilarating ride down the face of Mount Wellington on our special Wellington to the Waterfront ride, which spends plenty of time off the road!

Visit World Heritage listed wilderness, coastal plains, untouched beaches, mountain regions and watch out for all kinds of wildlife. See parts of Tasmania that you never knew existed, that most the locals only know of through rumour and heresay.

Wild Bike Tours is an Accredited Tourism Business and has T-Qual accreditation.

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