0:000:42 Minnow character from Project Goochy (Textures by Jakob Zoepfl)
0:420:50 Sharky character from Project Goochy
0:510:56 Banjo prop rig from Project Goochy (Model and textures by Ian Hampton)
0:571:14 Maya Python biped autorigger (model by Brendan Condit)
1:142:00 FBX Split Exporter (Never Alone)
1:502:17 XSI ICE-driven facial rig with procedural splitting of blendshapes
2:172:34 Custom tension-based ‘fStretch’-like deformation combined with custom poseReader utility to enable pose-space deformation
2:34 – END R&D with FabricEngine and Splice API to achieve cross-DCC compatible wave deformer. Based off the Fabric Engine Splice workshops

Music: Cm124-FunkyGroove by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)

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