The latest stop-motion piece from Ed*Field Pictures, a collaboration between David Stanfield and H. Blake Edwards.

This was shot for the annual Dorito's, Crash the SuperBowl Competition where anyone can submit a 30-second commercial for Dorito's with the chance to appear in the SuperBowl.

The piece is composed of 237 still photos, was shot in a 15-hour day in the Stanfield's living room-turned-studio for a day, and composed and color-corrected over another 40 hours. Everyone involved was great. The main subject, James Boothe was a champion, laying on the floor for 3 sets of 4 hours at a time. The Russians did great on the girls make-up. Jessie and Kara sacrificed comfort for about 3 hours on the floor. And David's wife kept us well fed and was a great cheerleader...not to mention letting us turn the living room into a studio. We had a really good time with the project from start to finish...but will not be eating Dorito's for quite sometime.


Dreamer: James Boothe
Dream Girls: Jessie Mathis & Kara Mottershead
Make-up & Hair: The Kalashniks
Art Direction: H. Blake Edwards & David Stanfield

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