I recently had the opportunity to interview Oren Klaff, the author of the #1 best seller, Pitch Anything. Pitch Anything is all about the psychology of what it takes to have a winning pitch.

Here is a video from a recent interview where Oren talks about 1 secret you need to do on a pitch.

In this video on The 1 Secret You Need To Do On A Pitch, Oren Klaff will show you:

- A technique to control a meeting
- How to use his process of frame control
- How to create scarcity for your deal

Oren offers 2 courses that you can use to learn about his process for pitching. If you would like to learn more about Oren's courses, you can click either of the links below:

Pitch Anything Edge: Edge is the course companion to the book, Pitch Anything. The EDGE website provides video, audio, and written companion material, and further instruction on PITCH ANYTHING.

Pitch Mastery: Pitch Mastery is a course designed to prepare you to close important sales and raise money.

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