We took the traditional 20 questions bridal shower game to the next level with this "Mad Men" themed video.
Over the course of the video, our hero, "Dale Draper" wanders the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, drives home to his NYC apartment, and makes himself some dinner, all while clutching his ever-present rocks glass of whiskey.

We used high res images from the set of Mad Med (sourced from the wilds of the internet) which we resized, and rotoscoped for foreground pieces (desk, lamps, etc). We mapped these images to our 'story' in FCP7, brought the FCP7 session to the set where we shot the groom on a greenscreen. We used a Matrox MX02 for direct live capture to FCP7 so that we could ensure proper matching of the greenscreen shots into our 'Mad Men' background plates.
In post production, we color graded the shots to match the plates, and added some cheesy and fun additions such as the traffic on sunset blvd while he's driving, and the 'smoking' frying pan in the kitchen.

The bride was blown away by the end product, as we were able to create the entire piece without her knowing about it at all. Mission Accomplished.

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