This short stop motion feature is designed to represent the journey an individual faces when learning a new language. The narrative follows a simple, traditional structure of setup - conflict - resolution.

Setup - the character (in this instance, literally a character of Japanese Kanji) is introduced, and proceeds on his way to Japan from his home (the book)
Conflict - once there, the character is unable to understand the signs and symbols of communication
Resolution - a crane bestows the power of understanding upon the hero, allowing him to proceed on his journey home (back into the book)

As the book I used didn't feature much in the way of imagery [other than terrible illustrations], I used origami models to suggest traditions of Japan and to provide alternative methods of transportation; this combined with black and white imagery was designed to represent Japan's rural culture and conservative opinions; however, I also incorporated a J-pop theme tune to add a sense of adventure and connote the ways in which Japan is very advanced and Westernised.

N.B. I included some sound effects [notably, the paper plane has a chugging sound while airborne and a thud when it crashes] but due to difficulties adjusting sound levels these aren't as clear as I'd like them to be. Best listened to with headphones.

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