This video is a showcase of an audiovisual and interactive installation of sounds and lights called Cubled. It consist of 27 luminous spheres arranged in space to forming a cube 5 mt per side which floats on the stage. The structure made of steel wires, RGB L.E.D-strips and Ikea paper lanterns, is inspired to Matrix 3D mathematics theory applied to electronics, where each crossing point of 3 rows and 9 columns is a combination of high-level (columns) and low-level (rows) electric voltage that actuates the light inside each ball. The system is MIDI controlled, the notes generated by a sequencer are converted to electric signals thru Arduino UNO and a Mosfet driver. No DMX device was used for this system which is 12V DC powered, with slim electric wires in order to give the lightness needed to this installation. In this clip, the performance is splitted in 2 parts: in the first a kit of electronic percussion is "played" live by a step sequencer named Sonic Fraction Beatdown (a Max\MSP device for Ableton Live), the combinations of 12 MIDI notes generated are linked to the spheres. In the second part the combinations of sounds and lights are pre-programmed patterns clip and performed live by a Tenori-on Yamaha and Ableton Live. The installation was mounted inside the Link Club (Bologna - Italy) in December 2013, which hosted some world-famous DJ set, during a month of permanence.


Artwork : Giuseppe Acito
Camera: Peter Borgia
Rigging: Ale Dimonte
Produced: Link Associated

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