Imagine your favorite first-person shooter video game in real life. Welcome to Skirmos: Skirmish Open Source. Skirmos is an open source laser tag system that can be used for any and every game possible. It has the flexibility to be played indoors or out; in small or large games. Its unique open source nature allows anyone to make their own creative gametypes. Whether it's free-for-all or capture the flag, a realistic simulation, or a replica from your favorite video game, Skirmos can be played in any manner you can think of.

We are proud to say we are finally launching. In order for us to place a Skirmos system in your hands, we need you to share and show people this project - if we can secure funding, we will do everything that we possibly can do polish Skirmos. This is the Kickstarter cut of the "Extended" version on our Youtube channel.

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Disclaimer - The music used in this video does not belong to Skirmos.

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