This webisode was filmed in Port Lincoln, South Australia and shows the ways that preschools and schools in Port Lincoln are supporting the development and learning of students, particularly those with an Aboriginal background. Building relationships and trust with the children, students, families and community is a major theme in this webisode. This is achieved in different ways at each site.

At Port Lincoln Children's Centre, they focus on "making the children part of their family" and building the foundation to help students on their learning journey. It is about getting the families and students used to the learning environment and setting them up for their futures.

Port Lincoln Primary School constantly looks at ways to engage families in their student's learning journeys. They have different components to their programs including a community component where they invite community members to come into the school as well as taking the students out into the community.

Port Lincoln High School aims to make the school a desirable location to be at 9:00AM for all students and to get them involved in the programs provided by the school. The school has intensive, literacy and numeracy rich art programs which provide students with enterprise based skills. Students also have access to the SAASTA program, an Indigenous Ranger Cadetship and the Next Steps Initiative. At the school supporting families and parents/carers to feel a connection to the school is key.

At each of the sites in this webisode, it is about helping parents/carers and families feel more comfortable about coming into the school and becoming part of the learning community. The overall message is that learning is important and will help the students to set and accomplish goals throughout their lives.

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