Technical Art, Rigging, 3D General work

1 - Deborah Facial Rig
Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation done as a personal work.

2 - The Dragon
Concept, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging done in 3 days at a Game Jam at Microsoft Lift London.

3 - The Avengers, THQ Studio Oz
co-rigging of the main characters, rigging customisation to specific characters.

4 - Well Rig
Full rigging for a work test.

5 - Manual mesh breaker tool
Pipeline tool wrote for EA, used in "Need for speed, Most wanted".

6 - Animation management tool
Pipeline tool wrote for Dry Ice Studios.

7 - Aragorn hair
Rigging, Hair system transferred to joints, part of my work at TTGames.

8 - Mirror animation tool
Pipeline tool wrote at TTGames.

9 - Cloth simulation test
Cloth simulation test using Marvelous designer.

10 - Classic facial rigging
Facial rig and Blend shape modeling for the film "Fairy Berry".

11 - Fairies Chasing up
Animation of the 2 scenes.

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