The penalty kicker and the goal keeper are opposite each other. The ball is positioned carefully by the penalty kicker. He’s about to kick the last penalty goal. The memories, emotions, moments and important decisions made in his life come to mind, bringing the story to an unexpected end.

Awards and nominations

Overtime Film Festival 2013, Italia (best actor)
Short of the Month 2014 - December Festival (Nomination as "Best Original Background Score" )


Short Rips Film Festival 2014, USA
Festival Internacional de Cine Contracorriente 2014, Colombia
Ko&Digital Festival Internacional de Cine Solidario 2014, Spagna
Access Code 2014, India
Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2014, Canada
Bonsai Film Festival 2014, Italia
IV Festival Internacional De Cine Y Audiovisual Infantil Y Juvenil 2014, Venezuela
Trenton Film Festival 2014, USA
Novella Showcase 2014, USA
Festival Internazionale Cortometraggi Cerano Film 2014, Italia
XIII Festival itinerante de cine infantil y juvenil Chulpicine 2014, Ecuador
Feria Internacional de Cine de Manizales 2014, Colombia
Pare Lorentz International Film Festival 2014, USA
Phnom Penh International Film Festival 2014, Cambogia
Red Dirt International Film Festival 2014, USA
Hamilton Music and Film Festival 2014, Canada
Golden Orchid International Festival 2014, USA
Muestra Audiovisual Cine Sinú 2014, Colombia
International TV Festival Bar 2014, Montenegro
Valle d’Itria Film Festival 2014, Italia
Indie Film Depot 2014, USA
5th Siliguri International Short Film and Documentary Contest 2014, India
Erie International Film Festival 2014, USA
8th International Children's Film Festival 2015, Bangladesh
Underground Film Festival 2015, Germany
OTF15 Overtimefilms Festival de Temática Deportiva 2015, Mexico

Starring Vittorio Lomartire, Arianna Nastro
With Camilla Mazzoni, Michele Zenoni, Luca Talevi, Gioia Tangherlini, Nicolò Ausili, Peter Šulaj, Max Miecchi
Dialogues and subtitles in English: Stephanie Ames

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