Since the dawn of time men have questioned their own existence, their relationships to others and to the world around them. Searching endlessly for answers about themselves, their roles and their capabilities.

Today’s images of modern man are complex and confused. Is he provider, a protector, a businessman, a gym goer, a nurturer, a father, an outsider, a rock star, a model or just a little boy in over sized shoes?

Modern man finds himself amidst a backlash of his own doings, frequently being gazed up on and judged due to stigma, stereotype and long past images. Has the age of mans identity crisis arrived? Himherandit Productions question and dig into this subject matter with their latest performance.

Two male performers take to the stage to interrogate notions of what it is to be a man in today's world. With no filters they engross themselves in rituals, rites of passages, parties, fights, fucks, births and deaths all while transforming from beasts to babies, sons to fathers and beyond. Starting from the primal and moving swiftly into the now, the two performers break down stereotypes and invent their own realities along the way.

The MANhouse seeks not to provide audiences with answers about modern manhood but rather to provoke thought through delivering absurd imagery of embellished modern masculinity. This abstract and absurd performance has been devised through creative improvisations that are driven by the subject matter and based on the meeting of two very different male performers.

Magnus a 37 year-old straight male, who lives in the forest with his girlfriend and son. Andreas a 33 year-old gay male, who lives in the city with his husband and guinea pigs. Together they meet in the modern arena we now call the theatre. Live on the stage they compare, compete and combine their differences into a unique, non-conformist performance that sits on the edge of reason.

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