- “Matt Bailie makes me think of Garth Brooks when he performs!” said by a judge at one of Bailie’s early singing competitions. It all started when Bailie was just a young boy watching Garth Brooks perform on TV. Mesmerized by what he saw, he began mimicking the performance and the dream began.

The Florida born Bailie has devoted his life to this moment. “I could never see myself doing anything but performing,” Bailie said. “It’s in my DNA.” Bailie’s father David Bailie, also a musician, never lived to see his son’s success. David passed away in a plane crash when Bailie was only a baby. Fate intervened, supplying the young Bailie with notable mentors in the form of the Van Zant brothers, Donnie and Johnny, who happened to be friends of Bailie’s grandmother. From a young age of five, the brothers included Bailie in the “behind-the-scenes” experience of their shows. As Bailie aged, the brothers related to his passion for a life of music and took him under their wing, offering the early guidance Bailie needed as a solid base for his career.

Around this time Bailie’s mom, Catherine Shearer, remarried to his stepfather, Richard Langlois, a local radio personality. Yet again, Bailie was exposed to another aspect of the music industry. Richard, the only man Bailie ever knew as “Dad,” introduced him to golf, football, and radio. Bailie grew up living the “All-American Boy” lifestyle as a long-time football player, musician, and eventually falling in love with his high school sweetheart, later to become his wife. Sophomore year refocused Bailie on his music when replaced as quarterback by Tim Tebow on the High School football team. Fate? The proof is in the story.



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