Not enough epic footy for an Epicsode. Therefore we got the boys together and played another game of Hat Trick.
The rules are super simple - every rider writes down a trick, puts the paper in a hat, all the contestants pull out one paper, the last one to do the trick gets punished. This time the punishment was a Marilyn Monroe makeover (read: dying your hair) in the Piupau beauty salon! The fact that you might end up with your own trick makes the game strategically interesting and the battle won't last for long, because there's no drop-in order.

Riders: Roland Mik, Ranno Maasikmets, Ron Arvisto, Robert Männa

Cinematography: Priit Palumaa, Reino Kuber

Editing: Priit Palumaa

Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It

Thanks: Winterpark Lauluväljak
No Thanks: Palette Instant Color - you just don't work

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