Pathfinder's Rhapsody

Concept, writing, performance: Céline Cartillier
Music: Gérald Kurdian
Artistic collaboration: Gérald Kurdian, JeeAe Lim
Lighting design: Nathalie Perrier
Lighting advice: Lutz Deppe
Voice coaching: Christiane Hommelsheim
Costume: Lee Meir
Mentoring: Lindy Annis, Antonia Baehr, Alice Chauchat
Tutor: Rhys Martin
Technic: Nikola Pieper, Maximilian Stelzl
Production: Stephan Kostropetsch

Video, editing: Mathieu Bouvier

Pathfinder's Rhapsody has been presented in December 2013 as the graduation piece for MA SoDA (Solo Dance Authorship)/HZT at Uferstudios, Berlin.

Pathfinder’s Rhapsody is part a wider research that I called "for an ideal theatre". An "ideal theatre" is a theatre predicated on the idea, a theatre which gives precedence to the mind and the imagination. Notions such as virtuality, speculation, potentiality and performativity imposed themselves as crucial guides in the relationship existing between ideal and representation. I feel an attachment to the word theatre which comes from the greek verb théaô which means to see. Theatre is the place where one can see what is said. Pathfinder’s Rhapsody creates conditions of representation which favour the power and the potentiality of epiphany.

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