Feburary 2014 saw all eyes on Russia, with the Winter Olympics in Sochi. President Putin drew scorn from many sides for his introduction and execution of homophobic laws and despite international disdain, stands firm in his backward stance.

The Winter Olympics officially closed on Monday 24 February, but for the millions of LGBT people in Russia and across the globe in countries where they face intolerance, violence and abuse, their lives will continue to be overshadowed by homophobia, hatred and misunderstanding. We can only hope that Sochi is a starting pistol for further awareness and tolerance - and not just a smoking gun.

Written on Valentine's day and recorded and released within ten days, 'Russian Roulette' by London-based writer and performer Marcus Reeves is a reaction to events in Russia, Ireland and further afield. Inspired by Sochi, the 'Noble Call' speech by Irish drag queen Panti Bliss and ABC's top hit TV show 'Nashville', the song gives voice to the thoughts that often trouble LGBT people trying to find tenderness in an uncaring world.

Proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to international LGBT charities.
Download the song here:


Guitars, Vocals, Programming: Marcus Reeves
Piano: Kevin Farrell
Percussion: James Johnston
Bass: Laurence Owen
Backing Choir: Laura Hyde, Catherine Millsom, Jamie Anderson, Nicola Lionello
Mixed and mastered by Laurence Owen


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