What got me interested in filmmaking was the idea of capturing a moment. As I became a better cinematographer, I became experimenting with camera movement, and how the camera can interact with the on-screen action, rather than just sitting idle.

A simple float of the camera closer to the subject, or a dolly along side, can add a deeper level of storytelling by bringing us into the environment. We can heighten the drama of these moments by slowing things down and filming at a higher frame rate than what our eyes see naturally, which equates to about 30 images per second.

I work with an array of cameras to achieve different styles, but one of my personal favorites at the moment is our Sony high-speed camera, the FS-700.

I went out skiing with my friend Robby, and wanted to capture his action further away, right up close, and everything in between by skiing along with him, and experiment with camera movement along side park skiing. This was all shot for fun, however when I’m hired as a Director/DP at Image Brew for sports content, I use this same experimental approach, and am always impressed with the outcome.

Let Robby and I take you on a few laps through the park, first at 120 frames per second at Keystone, and then 240 frames per second at Copper Mountain. It was snowing and blowing both days we filmed, yet the snow in the shot adds a great texture.

Special thanks to Grit Visual and Robby Franco.

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