What will be your legacy?
• Centering Thought and Order of Service bit.ly/1fnBlxH
• Readings on Death bit.ly/1jrLXfP
• Golf in Heaven joke jokes.net/istheregolfinheaven.htm
• Beliefs about life and death in UUism (UUA) uua.org/beliefs/welcome/life/index.shtml
• What dreams may come: Where should we assign the burden of proof for ideas about the afterlife? (UU World) uuworld.org/ideas/articles/162471.shtml
• Universal Reconciliation en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_reconciliation
• Near death experiences grounded in science bit.ly/1hjoXPg and bit.ly/1k63kFM
• Scientific proof of reincarnation, Dr Ian Stephanseon reluctant-messenger.com/reincarnation-proof.htm
• Near death experiences and the afterlife near-death.com/
• The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Near Death Experiences near-death.com/experiences/buddhism01.html
• The Tibetan Book of the Dead (online, complete) reluctant-messenger.com/Tibetan-Book-Dead_Evans-Wentz.htm
• Buddhist Books of the Dead .lib.virginia.edu/exhibits/dead/otherworld.html#budd
• Do not squander your life palliativejournal.stanford.edu/?p=1579
• Blessing: “What has become of …”, from Song of Myself (stanza 6), Walt Whitman poetryfoundation.org/poem/174745

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