KILT STUDIOS recently completed an eight spot campaign for Acura and Jerry Seinfeld’s web based program, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The adverts were directed by Barry Sonenfeld of the Men In Black fame. The commercials were an homage to the early 1960’s car ad with it’s obvious artifice in selling the car. The campaign of spots launched in early January on the web based program.

KILT was responsible for designing and implementing the backgrounds for the campaign. Each of the spots was shot on stage against green screen. KILT then composited the scene once the look was approved.

“The difficult part of the art direction was grabbing hold of the look. Since the art direction of the spot is obvious and flat by design, we had to take our normal integration hats off and find the visual humor for each of the designs,” said KILT owner Matthew McManus.

“Sun direction jumps, color on the scenes are somewhat impossible based on the where the position of the background light, but that was all part of the fun,” said KILT Creative Director, Owner, Andy Mac, “the main issues were finding that sweet spot in the design. Once we defined that, the spots came together pretty fast.”

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