Tuesday, February 18, 2014 was the 80th birthday anniversary of the self defined Black Lesbian Feminist Mother Warrior Poet. To commemorate this milestone, The Feminist Wire launched a two week global online forum celebrating Lorde's life and impact on that same date. We CELEBRATE that the featured authors of the featured writings in this forum range in age from very early 20s to late 70s/early 80s. They are based in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. THIS IS A TESTAMENT to Audre Lorde/Gamba Adisa's LIVING LEGACY, almost twenty-two years after her transition into the Spirit world.

While we pay homage to the mother's life and radical living legacy, we also celebrate her daughter, Dr. Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins who is a Black lesbian feminist OB/GYN. During our on-camera conversation, Dr. Lorde-Rollins and I covered a range of intimate topics including Audre Lorde's mothering, poetry, activism, and her 14-year journey with breast cancer, which ultimately metastasized to her liver. We also talked about Elizabeth’s transformational Black feminist work with adolescents in the medical industrial complex.

Dr. Lorde-Rollins is a thoughtful, insightful, brilliant, funny, intuitive, and deeply caring person. For these reasons and many more, she is a #FEMINIST that The Feminist Wire loves.

Click on the following link to view the "Feminists We Love" interview with Black feminist scholar and revolutionary activist Dr. Gloria I. Joseph who was Audre Lorde's partner in the latter years of Lorde's life: thefeministwire.com/2014/02/feminists-love-gloria-joseph-ph-d/

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