Reset is a timelapse film made up of some of my favorite shots from 2013. It showcases the beauty of the American Southwest. All photos were taken in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas except the one short clip of what I believe is the first ever timelapse of the Milky Way over the Caribbean Sea taken from the balcony of a moving cruise ship ;)
I had originally intended this video to be much different. I was fortunate to travel to many places last year but unable to fit all the footage I shot into a cohesive, thoughtful film. I look forward to using those shots in future works.

I think any artist who works on a project for a long time knows how satisfying it is to finally complete it. As the new Milky Way season begins, I'm happy to wrap up one project and excited to start the next. The title "Reset" reflects that feeling.

You can follow my other projects & view my work here:

Thrice - The Whaler
Rameses B - Sanctified (used with artist's permission)

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