On November 7, 2013 a devastating super typhoon made landfall on the island of Philippines. As high winds quickly broke all records of strength and speed, the storm left a trail of destruction in it's path. The death toll quickly rose to 6,000+ leaving thousands more without homes. Labeled as the biggest storm of the century Typhoon Haiyan (Yolonda) was given the highest storm rating SIGNAL #5

Music by Ryan Taubert
"The Good Thief" licensed by Ryan Taubert
"The Realization" licensed by The Music Bed

Shot using:
Camera: Canon mk III, GoPro Hero 3
Lenses: Zeiss 21, Canon 24-70, Canon 35, Canon 24-105
Gear: Glidecam HD4000, Manfrotto mono pod, IKEA egg timer (for time lapse)

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