Self-portraits taken every day (roughly) from the past three years (roughly).

A slight mutation of Noah Kalina's work:

Photos taken with Everyday for iPhone.
Learn more:

To make the video, I used iExplorer to dump the app's photos onto my Mac desktop.
Download it here:

Then I wrote a ruby script to step through the photos chronologically and put them into three buckets. The first photo went in bucket 1, the second photo in bucket 2, the third in bucket 3, the fourth in bucket 1, the fifth in bucket 2, etc.
Here's the script:

Then, using Adobe Premiere CC, I imported the buckets one at a time, putting their photos into their own track, and offsetting them in time (by like 6 frames) and space (bucket 1 moved to the left, bucket 3 to the right). This allowed me to show three photos at once, while maintaining chronology.

btw, when I first saw Noah's video in 2006, I thought, damn, I should start doing that. And I didn't, until five years later. But that was three years ago, and I'm happy I started then. My point is, it's never too late to start a project like this. Enjoy!

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