Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology.

With 'Drift' Ulf Langheinrich (D) brings abstract images and sounds from both art and music into the cinematic space. A stream of abstract, deep and dense images and sounds evolves from a realistic image. The images are transparent, high in resolution and fine in detail. A process of multiple metamorphoses in several parallel spaces and time-layers constantly transforms their consistency, viscosity and transparency. The permeation, stacking and re-visualisation of such layers is almost symphonic, but does not separate areas of certain characteristics into chapters or movements.

The absence of signs or objects in the audiovisual meta-movement within Drift gives an impression of a primal and total aesthetic matter. Such a situation is contrary to how a viewer seeks to track and observe elements of a plot. The sound-image flow arrives gradually, generating a delicate and subtle tension. The continuously interwoven sound and image flow then creates density, richness, convincingness, like an epic film which looks both syn-aesthetically sober and at times even empty.

Ulf Langheinrich understands Drift as a suggestive environment, a unification of some aspects of his previous work in the fine arts, mainly as painter, and the achievements of more than 10 year’s work as an electronic artist primarily within Granular Synthesis.

Ulf Langheinrich (D) founded the media art collaboration Granular Synthesis together with Kurt Hentschläger. They collaborated on numerous large scale immersive installations such as Modell5, Noisegate and Areal. Since 2003 Langheinrich realized various solo projects that aim at achieving a direct sensory impact. They are focused on creating specific modulations of the projected material in time and the projection-space, and effecting interference movements between the perceptive and processing potential of the eye-brain-apparatus.

The performance of Langheinrich was held on 23 February as part of a night "of cinematic experiences and special projections featuring old and new heroes of the audiovisual avant-garde".

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