Artwork & video: HINDMOST



More value has got into the one part of the sclae-beam.
What else could I Ballance this scale, if not with the weight of the world.
Let’s climb that edgeless mountain, where I’ll set off the avalanche against you.
Rocking the craddle, with bloody hand, on thin ice to disturb the calmness.
All the dream and aims are backed, to make the confort.
Everyone’s speaking with bated breath, getting louder and louder.
The bellweather turns into a lamb.
Now, I have to enjoy the company of jackals.
When they feast on me, it is the final nail in the coffin.
What you smell is the smell of burned desires.
They are ignited by malevolance, I wont regret.
These walls are not built for sit in judgement on me, behind them.
Two stranger fingers seize together, whilst another two fusion in X formation.

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