3 minute video portfolio. Excerpts from:
- "Aquel que al verme", composed in 2010. Performed in April of 2013 in Pittsburgh by Raquel Winnica-Young and Alia Musica Pittsburgh, conducted by Federico Garcia-De Castro
- "Livre pour deux pianos", composed in 2008. Performed in October of 2011 in Pittsburgh by Katie Palumbo and Federico Garcia-De Castro
- "Endecaphony", composed in 2007. Performed by UNT's Nova Ensemble in October of 2010 in Denton, TX.
- "Bajo el Hechizo", composed in 2009. Performed in Greensburg, PA, in January of 2009, by Alia Musica Pittsburgh.
- Edgar Varèse's "Octandre", performed by Alia Musica, conducted by Federico Garcia De-Castro, in April of 2012 in Pittsburgh.

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