Consisting of 4 rehabilitation centers, 21 network sites, and numerous support clinics scattered
throughout the nation, the Polytrauma System of care dedicates itself to the health and recovery of US
veterans suffering from polytraumatic injuries. Through a resource-intensive, interdisciplinary approach,
a team of professionals including a physiatrist, neuropsychologist, psychologist, speech therapist,
occupational therapist, physical therapist, and a social worker evaluates each veteran’s situation on a
case-by-case basis. The Polytrauma system focuses on rehabilitative treatment, determined to return
veterans and their families back to a productive life.

Given the nature of blasts, TBI usually occurs in conjunction with multiple injuries that are either the
direct result of the initial incident, or comorbid injuries resulting from the TBI itself. Polytraumatic
wounds have occurred in wars past, though the increased frequency of these injuries on OIF and OEF
soldiers is significantly greater due to advances in medical treatment, and the types of high-powered
weapons used against US service members.

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