"The Return of Christ: Soon"

This is part 3 of the 4-part series "The Middle East and Your Future."

The "Second Coming" of Jesus Christ fills some people with hope, others with dread, and many with confusion. Just what is supposed to happen when Christ returns?

The Old Testament speaks of Messiah coming to rule in righteousness, and to pour out God's judgments on the wicked. The New Testament, in perfect harmony with the Old, teaches that Jesus will literally return to the earth as God's appointed Judge and King. The dead will be raised and the faithful of all ages will be rewarded with everlasting life.

Prophetic signs indicate Christ's return may happen very soon! It's important for us to pay attention to the signs, and to be personally ready.

In this program we see:

• How and where the Bible says Jesus will return.

• What Jesus will do when he comes.

• The signs of Christ's coming that we should look for, and how we can recognize them as happening right now.

• Warning against false prophets, and motivation to be ready for the true Messiah.

This video has an accompanying study booklet which you can download here: media.wcfoundation.org/doc/Middle_East_And_Your_Future_Booklet.pdf

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