"SuprEgo nano-computer contact lens is the latest breakthrough in A.I. and nano-technology to date: a state of the art nano-camera, an incredibly fast computer chip, and an Organic Light Emitting Diode display are all encapsulated within the ultra-small SuprEgo contact lens. SuprEgo contrinuously records and monitors your life, and, in conjuction to the SuprEgo network, projects through to you the Enhanced HyprReal visual.

The brain processes and translates this information, and quickly learns to adapt and co-operate with SuprEgo, maximising your abilities and improving your life. The integration soon becomes seamless, as you and SuprEgo work as a single unit. Where the boundaries of man and machine are blurred, a new brighter and stronger future for humanity is in the horizon.

SuprEgo nano-computer contact lenses help you live an easier, stressless, more productive life. Upgrade yourself."


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