for my 365th entry on
here is a video montage of still photos taken over the last year. the overwhelming majority of them have appeared as posts on this site. what a long and interesting year it's been.


one year ago today i started this blog with the goal of doing something creative everyday and documenting it here. i wanted to use this project as a creative catalyst to keep me motivated and help me feel more productive creatively. i thought if i were really focused i could maybe last a month... i never thought that i would make it this far into the project. i really didn't.

it has been a really fantastic experience. through keeping this blog i have connected with so many kind and talented people who have shared their thoughts and their work with me. it has really helped me be more confident in my artistic abilities and less fearful of rejection. highly recommend an experiment like this to anyone who feels like they need a little push to stay creative... you can really find creativity in your everyday life sometimes you just have to slow down so you can see it.

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