4 years ago I took a trip to Colombia with one of my best friends. She took me through a rainforest. When we exited the rainforest there was a gorgeous ranch with a huge post in the ground, topped with four fixed ropes, each with a stirrup at the bottom for one's waist. It was called a Columpio De Vuelo—Swing of Flight. It was one of THE most fun things I've ever done. This January I included it in a treatment for a video that comes out March 3, 2014 for the band Basic Vacation. You can see the video soon. But right now you can see the fun we had the day after the video shoot. If you ever happen to be at Steve McQueen's old place, give 'er a swing for me! This is a prime example of why this profession is so damn great.
Matt Boman
Christine Stormberg
Drew Daniels
Jon Mammele
Ben Fee
Shot by all of us.


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