For the past months an eclectic community of individuals have gathered with one goal in mind, to share and be creative in the most pure and universal form of action: creation. Through the dedicated participation of artists, djs, volunteers and the public at large the Beaux Degats Art Battles were born.

… Beaux Degats exists for the simple reason of bringing back what has been too long forgotten or ignored by commercial and private art institutions. These battles bring us back to the reality of the artists and street artists which is that of community, accessibility, sharing and the acceptance that, by nature, everything which is created is ephemeral.

This time we will celebrate the 15th Edition of Beaux Dégâts !

6 TEAMS with :

1/ Collectif 203

2/ Little old ladies : Louisa Donelly, Jessie Trubiano and Caroline, Maika

3/ Regimental Oneton & Zoltan

4/ Pat'homa : Patricia Klimov et G.A Homa

5/ TROU crew: Ben, Lulu, Max

6 Les Arts-mateurs : CGO, Ghost, Rhino, Bastien


Your choice ! Drop some empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans in the the trash can of your favorite team. The team who collects the most important amount of cans wins, and gets to cross out the artwork of all the loosing teams live in front of the crowd! Anything goes to wind !!



- Construct
- Dear Lola
- KidBassline
- Thomas White


- Ella Grave
- Osti One
- Bruno Rathbone

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