With only a really short amount of available time, this was a quick test of the new SLR Magic Anamorphot Anamorphic 1.33x 50 Lens.

I'm not overly happy with how well it pairs with the Nikon 50mm f1.8, I'm going to try it with a Zeiss 58mm and see if it's any better, I suspect it will be. If anybody has had greater success with a different prime lens, let me know.

I shot at f2.8, contradictory to landscape shots I know, but it is the max aperture recommended by SLR Magic. Although this anamorphic can go
Further, it's ALOT more flexible than a standard double focussing set up.

I'll post a further test with different f-stops and with the diopters with the Zeiss lens fitted at some point in the coming weeks.

No close ups or "story" etc, this was more about having a look at the "look"!

Applied some colour balancing and saturation in post via fast colour corrector.

This was also the first outing for the new SmallHD ac7 Field Monitor. Small tip, you HAVE to use the light hood in sunshine like this, the screen reflects like crazy without it!

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