READ DESCRIPTION FULLY TO UNDERSTAND THIS IMAGE/LOOK: SLR Magic does not recommend shooting this way with their anamorphot. As it is designed, it produces very sharp footage at recommended apertures with their SLR Magic Prime Lens lineup, and as an added bonus it works with several other lenses when used appropriately. These images do not represent the optimal quality of the adapter, but express a creative choice made by me... of m'own damned free will!

With all that said...

I've uploaded a decently compressed file, it's long because I sit on a lot of shots to show that you can actually rack focus with the Anamorphot. Read on...

I've had the SLRMagic Anamorphot in my hands before, the pre-release version and enjoyed shooting with it even though it was crippled due to not having adapter rings for my Sigma 18-35/1.8. You can see one of the sketches here:

After using it, I was pretty convinced that not only was it a step-forward for adapters, but the anamorphot's ease-of-use opens up some interesting creative options for shooters like myself that are accustomed to 2X anamorphic cinema primes (PL, not adapters) and the look, simplicity in mechanical operations, and overall pleasant experience shooting with them.

This video's a compilation of early test footage from the Pocket Camera shooting RAW (always!) with two different zoom lenses. I've also gone the extra step of taping an oval cutout behind the lens, into my EF to MFT adapter to simulate the 2X anamorphic effect. This also creates the abberations and soft sides at 50mm-70mm focal lengths with this zoom. They are not present without the ghetto insert.

It isn't perfect. But, I'm going to perfect it soon.

What you see in this video is something that I haven't been able to do with the Kowa PL Cinema Primes I use (see a video here with the pocket camera using the Kowa PL lenses: -- great to compare looks from 20,000.00 dollar prime lenses)... I've got a 24-70/2.8(ish) Anamorphic Zoom that looks amazing on the pocket camera, gives me a vintage anamorphic feeling, and doesn't require that I take out a Mattebox with my rig.

Seeing this look coming together, and knowing that I can make it better (sharper across the frame) is sort of unbelievable. As someone that owned a full on Nikon-Mount Iscorama before anyone else discovered the (I bought it for a whopping 500.00 in Los Angeles, then took it back because I didn't like the trouble it took to use it) this is a very big deal.

In the future, after I've made some modifications to a few things, I plan on applying this to an image stabilized medium range zoom, the thought's just killer: an IS 2X anamorphic look, the entire range covered in one zoom.


Pocket Camera @ 400IS + RAW
SLR Magic Anamoprhot
Hoya ProND and Hoya IR CUT

About the look: I wasn't concerned with matching anything in the beginning, but for the Venice beach stuff I purposely tried to emulate the natural look of a KOWA lens, prime or anamorphic, which looks like vintage ice cream to my eyes. I think I got close, and that's also pretty cool. Created in Resolve 10 from a base LUT I've been building for a loooong time.

Thanks for looking, look out for more soon with the 4K and 2.5K cameras.

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