An innocent young victim, let down by the justice system, takes retribution into his own hands.
Vendetta is a Southport Movie Makers group project and was written by 18 yr old sixth-former Sarah Pollitt.

Director/Camera/Lighting/Editor/Sound/Colourist/Compositor/Graphics: Keith Taylor.

The following music was written specially for this film by Elizabeth Carlyon:
'Stand and Deliver' (Hold up scene 6.15 - 7.14)
'Sodding Court' (Court Scene 8.54 - 11.55)
'This is my Vendetta' (Final Scene 11.55 - 13.11)
'No Mercy' (End credits 13.11 - 14.20)
The rest of the music is from YOPO.


Gang Boss: Alan Beddows
Robert Metcalf: Lewis Simpson
Hooded thug: Josh Gwynne
Thug with baseball cap: Nigel Moran

Nervous Man with Gun: Andy Harrison
Girl with Gun: Sarah Pollitt

Judge: Myra Williams
Prosecution: Peter Ravenscroft
Defence: Eryl Lloyd Parry

Makeup: Andy Harrison, Lewis Simpson & Nigel Moran

Camera: Canon XH-A1.
Sound: Wireless lapel mikes.
Lighting: Tungsten spots and red-heads.

Running time 14 mins, 33 secs.
Shot in Southport, Merseyside during May 2012.
Completed in 2013.

Sarah is now studying English at Liverpool University.

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