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Meaghan and Melissa (or, "we") met because of the internet and writing, and writing about sex (and blogging about writing about sex). Almost since then, we've been talking about how we need to do a book like this: a collection of stories (and photographs) from the messy, awkward, hilarious, painful, and ultimately true side of sex.

As part of this project, all of the money we raise together will go towards producing the book and to paying its contributors. The more we bring in, the more we can put out -- a prettier book, bigger take-home for our writers and photographers, and fancier packages for all those who pledge.

We want to produce this book because we want to read it; it's something we've been looking for for a long time and haven't found yet. Compelling writing that doesn't skip over the interesting parts, writing that is willing to go there, to be brave and to dwell in it, the way few published authors have.

But where we did find this kind of work was online. It seems like everywhere we looked there were people, emboldened maybe by that distance of the computer monitor or the semi-anonymity of a username, drawn out by the encouragement of these little pockets of internet communities, pushing each other to report back from the thick of things, and to do it well.

The lack of good storytelling about sex in print feels ridiculous, bizarre. And now that we have on-demand publishers, Kickstarter, and an internet community of contributors and supporters and potential audience looking to fill the very same void, there is no longer any excuse.

Coming & Crying (the pitch) is made possible by:

editors: Melissa Gira Grant and Meaghan O'Connell

videography: Carlo de Jesus

cast: Meaghan (subway), Will McGinn (cafe), Melissa (bed), with stories by Meaghan, Matthew Lawrence, and Melissa

emotional support from: Sarah Dennis, Halle Keifer, Kelsey Keith, Katie West, Nikola Tamindzic, Stephen Elliott, and the internet like you.

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