Important: You will see the onesie again if you vote for us :)

What do you get when you put an engineer, an investment banker, and their intern together? A lot of empty RedBulls. First, John is an engineer by trade and a photographer by night, so expect to see more of this crazy footage hailing from Europe. John’s superhero costume is the red monkey onesie (that he promises to wear if chosen). Next, we have Alan, an investment banker who spends his weekends either jumping out of a plane or off a cliff. Alan’s thirst for adrenaline rivals only that of his thirst for RedBull. Finally, we have Anish, the intern. This suave British gentleman can talk his way into and out of any situation using his magnificent charm and epic sock collection. Combining our extremely diverse talents, we can power through any obstacles, and WE WILL MAKE IT!

Featuring: Alan Li, John Li, Anish Patel
Video: John Li
Shot by: John Li, Anish Agrawal
Edited by: John Li

Canon 17-40mm F4.0L
GoPro Hero 3+

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