The quote from Andrei Tarkovsky from the cult film Stalker (1979) is inspired by
the proposition that pliability and weakness are expression of the freshness of existence,
while hardness and strength are fellow travellers of death goes like a leitmotif
through the exhibition. Because of the many points of contact between his
work and the quote, Alem Korkut has called his recent cycle of works Weakness,
The freshness of existence (a characteristic of every good work of art) is very much
present in Korkut’s works on show, which once again test out the basic principles
of sculptural form and the creative process itself. His approach to art has retained
its youthful freshness and inquiring eye. Always and again he tests out the
medium of sculpting, simultaneously using diverse media, in order to record the
changes that take place in the sculptural material over the course of time.

"...May everything that has been planned come to pass. Let them trust. And
let them laugh at their passions. For what they call passion is not emotional
energy, merely friction between the spirit and the external world. And most
importantly, let them believe in themselves, let them feel helpless, like children,
because weakness is a great thing, strength is nothing. When a person
is born, he is weak and fragile, and when he dies, he is strong and yet
insentient. When a tree is growing, it is tender and flexible, but when it is
dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are travelling companions of
death. Weakness and the ability to bend are an expression of the freshness
of existence. For something that has become hard will never win..."

Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker

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