This video is cut together using footage from 4 swims on the Kona side of the Big Island. Using a hand-held GoPro camera, the video and audio were captured simultaneously - with fascinating vocalizations coming through beautifully from the surrounding dolphins - even through the camera casing... as well as a singing Humpback whale on a few of the clips.

The encounters did not involve any tours or guides. Just a simple calling to connect with the waters and dolphins, and their willingness and decision to make contact.

The experience of being with them is beyond words, really. And I continue to cherish the insights on community, on trust, on playfulness, intuition and much more - which I have taken away from these encounters.

I have explored the wonders of the natural world for most of my life and know that we are a part of nature. We are not separate. Over the years, I have developed pathways for re-connection, re-membering, re-discovery, and for cultivating a resilient inner ecology that inspire and support change-makers to take action towards a better world - from a place of connection, vision, and heart.

Learn more about some of my work in nature-inspired leadership:

And get involved in the healing of our relationship with earth's waters, our oceans, and our ocean-dwelling relatives:

To Life on Earth! Within and Without!

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