A preview of some of the artists that will be performing at Tupac Martir's "Looking Outside My Window"
May 1st -5th 2014
Rich Mix
Media enquiries: amy@tlfworldwide.com

Looking Outside My Window amalgamates music, art, dance, cuisine, cinema, performance and visuals into an all encompassing, affordable five day experience.

The Rich Mix will host a multi-disciplinary event and bring a variety of people to experience first and foremost the artist that they are coming to see, but also, to explore new and different things that are usually not put together in one same space.

The combination of cuisine, music, dance, cinema, arts and the people performing is unlike anything that has been tried in London. Yes there are food markets, takeovers, etc, but rarely are all this different artists given the same rank, to express and showcase their talents in the same level.

It is made for the public and the community, the different elements that exist are open for children, adults, people with disabilities, foodies, music lovers, techy guys, etc. It is with this combination, that we are looking to broaden the imagination of people, whether they are coming for a show or a movie, or just for the food, talks or simply to observe from the outside. To create curiosity in order to explore more in the future.

Line up:

- James Lavelle
- Múm
- Addictive TV
- Gabriella Diaferia
- Luca C & Brigante
- Kay
- Cabinet of Living Cinema
- Danny McLewin (Psychemagik)

- Lupita

- Bruno Zamborlin
- Darrell Berry

- LightrhythmVisuals
- Minuek

- Malgorzata Dzierzon
- Thomas Tait
- Bambi Bueno

- Sesiones con Alejandro Franco
- Children’s Cinema
- Special Screening: "For Those About to Rock - The Story of Rodrigo y Gabriela" A film by Alejandro Franco

And other special guests….

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