A Wikipedia conversation between Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado) and Emily Temple-Wood (User:Keilana) on WikiProject Women Scientists, systemic bias and the gender gap. For American University COMM535 class Wikipedia and Public Knowledge. March 2014.


0:10 Introduction
2:44 Ada Lovelace
3:17 Women Scientists WikiProject explained
4:33 Good and start class articles
6:40 Reliable sources
7:40 Wikipedia:Article rating system
8:30 Wiki Work Factor as gauge
10:20 [[Maria Mitchell]] female 19th century American astronomer
13:30 Systemic bias
15:43 [[Riin Taam]] female scientist from Estonia
16:06 Articles for Deletion
17:05 Inclusionists/Deletionists
24:30 Gender gap, 90% male
25:25 GLAM
27:00 Statistics
28:40 Wikipedia Teahouse and Esperanza
29:20 Wikipedia as social network

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